nThrive, an independent Patient-to-Payment solutions organization, is focused on giving providers the tools necessary to improve the health care experience for every one in every community. Made up of people who are passionate about creating real change in the health care industry, the organization focuses on transforming financial and operational performance, empowering organizations — and patients — to thrive.

nThrive offers a wide expanse of competencies that seamlessly coordinate financial and clinical care to revitalize healthcare business operations. The business is built on knowledge and expertise across the entire revenue cycle, and because it is independent, nThrive is not influenced by payer or provider owners. The company provides unbiased solutions focused on what is best for an organization, ensuring the best possible outcomes that help clients to truly thrive.

The organization is built on a legacy of excellence; all of its leaders and colleagues abide by its vision, mission, values and approach as they collaborate with clients:

Vision: We empower health care for every one in every community

Mission: We transform financial and operational performance, enabling health care organizations to thrive

Values: We care about health care — today and tomorrow, and we live by these values: Courage, Authenticity, Respect, Excellence, and Service

Approach: We are Accountable, Focused, United, and Nimble

nThrive is the only organization that has received the elite Peer Reviewed designation from the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) for its HIM Technology and Services Suite.

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