MedAssets, Precyse, and Equation have combined their talents and capabilities into a single enterprise with a new name – nThrive. As individual companies, each was a leader in the health care industry. Now, nThrive is emerging as the first comprehensive Patient-to-Payment solution provider in revenue cycle management and health information management. With this unification we have a new robust web presence for nThrive to support our clients and educate the industry.

Splash Page on

To continue this evolution, as part of our integration efforts, effective Thursday, July 21 at 8:00 p.m. EDT, has redirected to a new “splash page” hosted by Vizient. This page, shown below, will be available through September 30 and will direct our clients to as well as to information about our products and services.

“The technical and digital marketing teams at nThrive and Vizient are working closely to ensure this is seamless,” said Mark Fordyce, vice president, Corporate Technology.

Chief Marketing Officer Kristen Saponaro said, “Given the rebranding and new web presence of nThrive, as well as our progress against integration of our new enterprise, we look forward to this important milestone.”

Access to MedAssets Client Portals and Product Logins:

The digital marketing teams have worked to ensure that clients can access all portals from and that portals are also accessible from our splash page, Saponaro explained. Additional pages representing our solutions are being added on an ongoing basis and will be live on our new site in the coming days.

For our current Product Login page, click here.

We will continue to support the nThrive web presence with longer term plans to grow and expand our web content. Saponaro added that, in the future, we can look ahead to the third and fourth quarters of 2016 when Phase I of the expanded site will be revealed. And in the first half of 2017, our final web site will be launched. Be sure to read future editions of the the nQuirer and visit to stay up to date on the latest health care industry news.

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