ICD-10 Medical Coders

nThrive has teamed up with Wake Forest Baptist Health (WFBH) to help WFBH train and develop their own medical coding team. Candidates selected to participate in the WFBH training program are military veterans. The project is one of several training and employment programs initiated by nThrive.

In 2015, nThrive teamed up with Vermont HITEC, a non-profit government agency, to provide Vermont residents who were unemployed and possessed limited or no health care experience the training and employment opportunity to become medical coders. The class members graduated and passed their coding certification exams. Today, 12 graduates are currently employed by nThrive as full-time medical coders; a second round of Vermont candidates are currently being trained and are expected to graduate soon.

Nine of the top 30 fastest growing occupations are in health care, resulting in a shortage of key skilled talent. nThrive is resolving this issue organically, leveraging the power of its top-rated coder education program to prepare the candidates for careers in medical coding.

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