Bringing organizations together provides great opportunity to learn and leverage respective best practices. At nThrive, as we grow together as a unified team, we’re expanding and introducing new programs and improved processes, systems, and practices. I am excited to share with you, in this issue of The nQuirer, select examples of the company’s progress toward our goal of a holistic Patient-to-Payment℠ system.

At the 2016 AHIMA Conference in mid-October, the nThrive team showed healthcare providers the benefits of using two of our technologies - the nThrive enhanced HIM Technology Platform and next generation of healthcare education, Precyse University DNA™ (soon to be nThrive Education). The nThrive booth proved to be a popular stop for visitors on the show floor, offering unique, fun hands-on demonstrations, contests, and more. Read more about it here.

If your CDM is not up to date, you know that missed charges mean missed revenue. This article will show you how to cut costs and increase revenue, achieve savings, and recapture dollars with your chargemaster.

The pace of change in our industry continues at an astonishing rate. And new mandates only intensify the need for healthcare organizations to measure and quantify patient outcomes and total cost of care rendered across the health system. Downstream analysis strengthens value-based initiatives by providing clear and complete visibility into patient care across the healthcare continuum. Learn more about downstream analysis in this article, “Quantifying Value through Downstream Analysis.”

We recognize that, in this time of change, it’s more important than ever to honor our culture of giving back and support our industry – it is who we are as a company. Precyse University DNA, soon to be nThrive Education, is partnering with healthcare organizations across the nation to provide healthcare education and training to unemployed and underemployed people to become ideal candidates for high-demand, low-supply healthcare jobs. I’m very proud of how nThrive is helping to empower our communities and invite you to read the article about the Precyse University DNA Transitions Program.

Purposefully, steadily, nThrive is reaching our goals as one company. Our thoughtful and strategic approach will enable the full patient-to-payment health care experience for every one in every community. Collaborate with nThrive and join us in our mission to transform financial and operational performance throughout the health care environment.


Joel Hackney, CEO