nThrive Plano

One step at a time, nThriveTM colleagues, clients and communities grow vigorously and flourish to the highest level. The newly created nThrive Service Center, located in Plano, Tex., is expanding as we continue to support our clients. Joining Saddle River, Nashville and El Segundo service centers, Plano will support full business outsourcing (FBO) and accounts receivable (AR), with the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center (UNM) as its initial primary client.

nThrive is growing the service center to give the best service for our clients and the industry.

“With our focus on service delivery, the number of colleagues in the Plano Service Center is expected to grow 300-500 over the next three to five years, ” said Timothy Cavitt, vice president of Service Delivery, Plano Service Center and VP of nThrive Business Excellence, underscoring its strategic significance to the company.

The newest influx of colleagues will be working in the nThrive call center and have gone through extensive training to ensure that they are giving the best in billing and collections services.

The addition of the Service Center brings both services and technology to the Plano location for the first time ever, increasing colleague capacity. Said Patsy White, executive assistant and administrative manager who has been helping with the onboarding process, “this has resulted in a new level of energy that can be felt throughout the facility,” which she described as “exciting,” adding that ”people are noticing and everyone has been very welcoming and accommodating.“ When colleagues’ success grows, our clients flourish and, as a result our communities will have the power to thrive.

Shaun Phillip, nThrive’s new manager of accounts receivable services for East Jefferson, is especially excited about future services to be offered at the Plano Services Center, which will extend nThrive’s role on best practices and technology at client organizations.

“The Plano-based colleagues we are currently recruiting to support East Jefferson will be looking at ways to better utilize our technology,” he said, explaining that they’ll be leveraging East Jefferson’s existing data using nThrive’s Contract Manager™ and CarePricer™ software technologies to help the organization improve its return on investment.

Using Contract Manager helps clients create leverage with payers in contract negotiations, while CarePricer produces an accurate estimate of out-of-pocket expenses for patients, improving payment at the point-of-service and resulting in higher overall patient satisfaction. Shaun adds, “Helping clients optimize technology ultimately helps improve cash flow, which is essential for hospital and health systems to thrive in today’s economic environment.”

To learn more about how nThrive can help your organization with full business outsourcing and other services, contact Kathy Willis, nThrive vice president, Strategic Revenue Cycle Sourcing, at (214) 218-2406 or kwillis@medassets.com.