Missed charges, over charges and coding errors can adversely impact your revenue and create significant compliance issues, including penalties for charge overages. If you take no action, you may find your health system struggling financially.

nThrive Charge Capture locates lost revenue from missed charges and coding errors by automating audits for all your inpatient and outpatient charges, reduces the risk of billing overcharges, and identifies and fixes compliance issues pre-bill, preventing costly rework and late charges – through the automation of audits. Our technology and consulting services provide the insight to create sustainable process improvements so you can:

  • Increase average net revenue and identify millions in missed charges with our comprehensive charge-level auditing, encompassing 12,000+ rules and predictive analytics.
  • Ensure timely compliance on new regulations through nThrive’s credentialed team of clinical experts who analyze and deploy new auditing rules on effective dates.
  • Avoid A/R delays with nThrive workflow processes that route exceptions to the best professional to resolve pre-bill issues based on your health system’s criteria.
  • Overcome resource constraints and recover lost charges —pre-bill or post-bill — through outsourcing service from nThrive.

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