Patient Access – A Patient’s First Welcome to the Hospital Experience

Patient Access is the inception of the revenue cycle and begins the billing process. Errors in Patient Access lead to serious financial consequences. Today, as patients are now consumers of medical care and are being encouraged to take ownership of financial liability and out-of-pocket costs, the role of the Patient Access team has morphed into more than making an appointment for care.

The front-end team must have the level of competency to meet patients’ expanded needs, and ensure that both patient and provider experience a positive financial outcome. Required competencies of the modern Patient Access professional include communication, insurance expertise, and critical thinking skills in order to explain the complexities of multi-level insurance plans and health care delivery to patients and families.

nThrive Education offers more than 100 courses plus industry-first Patient Access competency assessments, pre-employment tests, and simulation technology for the Patient Access professional.

Coming Soon – nThrive Patient Access Certification Program

nThrive will soon premier a first-of-its-kind Patient Access certification program. The revolutionary curricula will offer targeted courseware and innovative Patient Access simulators to optimize the competency of your Patient Access department. “Health care providers can ensure proper intake and the best possible outcomes for patients and revenue cycle health of with an educated, certified professional team,” explains Senior Vice President of Education Kelly Ernce.

Develop your own team of Patient Access Professionals

The supply of competent Patient Access professionals in the U.S. is limited and is identified as a major labor concern throughout the country. “Health care providers can build a team of labor resource through our innovative education and tools to turn anyone into a qualified and certified Patient Access Representative,” Ernce continues. “Developing a team reduces the costs of recruiting individuals and eliminates the risk of hiring unqualified representatives.”

Reach out to nThrive and learn how we have helped clients develop staffing resources across the revenue cycle to meet their demands, and ensure their standards of quality are met. We can do the same for you.

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