Now nThrive Education announces the launch of its colleague credential and badge program, which will be available to clients in early 2018. Explains nThrive Education President, Tom Ormondroyd, “We are launching certification and badge programs to provide organizations the ability to ascertain a measure of confidence in colleague abilities at the role-based level. How do you know if that Medicare biller you are looking to hire is competent? Or, instead of looking outside your organization to hire a biller, look at your own workforce and see who could become your next Medicare biller by taking the certification program.”

According to Ormondroyd, the program is an excellent facilitator for career pathing and implementing higher performance standards for a provider’s workforce. The certifications and badges provide staff the ability to confirm or prove what colleagues have learned through coursework and testing – more than simply taking a class. Through this program, colleagues prove their competencies and broaden their skills.

The program, which is part of the nThrive Education subscription at no extra cost, offers certification programs that are intense, challenging and expand a colleague’s skill/knowledge. Badge programs are shorter, less intense and cover less material at one time. Colleagues can “stack” their badges and move toward a certification. Certifications and badges will be released for roles and competencies across the revenue cycle, from Patient Access to Coding and CDI to PFS.

nThrive is currently rolling out the certification and badge programs within our organization. The first certification, Patient Access Specialist Level 1, was recently completed by a large pilot group and will be rolled out across the entire organization for all types of roles.

The company plans to release upwards of 20 certifications and 50 badges across the revenue cycle by Spring of 2018.

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