We are pleased to announce our analytics platform rebrand from DataRiverTM to nThrive AnalyticsTM. The name nThrive Analytics better exemplifies the overarching role that analytics plays across our entire suite of health care solutions and services. nThrive Analytics will continue to provide the same solutions and services to enhance performance across the care continuum and will continue to improve upon our offerings:

Deep Data-driven Insight

Without access to your full universe of data, it’s impossible to achieve an accurate understanding of the nuts and bolts of your practice or hospital. Through the power of nThrive Analytics unique data ingress technology and methodologies, health care organizations can pull deep level insight and answers from their data. nThrive Analytics applied algorithms that scientifically piece together what the data is really saying, and pinpoints areas of concern and opportunity. The deep financial and operational views it delivers helps health care leaders to heighten their organization’s revenue cycle performance, productivity, quality of care, cost and market growth.

Analytics for All

nThrive Analytics provides what we like to refer to as “analytics for all.” It provides users with the flexibility to go beyond dashboard views and dive even deeper into their organization’s universe of data. Users can view their organization’s data story through varying levels of depth - from high-level across-continuum dashboard views for executives, to deep level Excel or SQL analytic capabilities for analysts. It provides a depth and flexibility that transforms your health care data into clear and actionable insights.

Our platform solutions include revenue cycle analytics, physician analytics, hospital analytics and value-based care analytics. The solutions that flow into these product lines include:

With nThrive Analytics woven throughout nThrive solutions and services, health care organizations have the power to fully leverage their data for the insights necessary to plot out their path to success.

It is nThrive’s mission to empower health care for every one in every community by transforming financial and operational performance to enable health care organizations to thrive. As we continue to move forward towards this goal, we look forward to growing our partnership with you as we work together to make a meaningful impact on the communities we serve.

To learn more about how nThrive Analytics adds power to nThrive’s Patient-to-Payment℠ solutions’ arsenal, click here.