On December 1, 2016, Adreima joined nThrive in their commitment to expand Patient-to-Payment℠ Solutions and help health care providers drive higher revenue cycle performance to achieve greater financial health.  Adreima provides clinically-integrated revenue cycle services to hospitals nationwide, and offers specialized delivery expertise with a complete revenue cycle perspective to assist providers in enhancing the value of services provided to patients. Their strong experience and dedication to patient experience enhancement aligns with the nThrive portfolio.

The newly combined organization is committed to helping providers understand and adapt to the evolving health care environment. The company leverages proven results to develop solutions that meet provider needs today, while anticipating for the future.

New solutions for nThrive to offer health care clients

Adreima brings its client-centered support of providers by adopting their culture and brand to enhance the patient experience to nThrive, which is in direct alignment with the nThrive culture. Patients are put first to provide a thoughtful extension of the hospital’s brand and enhance the entire process with analytics based on patient behavior and propensity to pay. Offering these solutions to clients helps make payments more patient-friendly by enrolling patients in qualifying programs to help pay for their care, then develops individual, personalized payment programs.


  • Eligibility Advocacy and Enrollment – Helps patients gain access to care by securing coverage in a variety of government and other financial assistance programs, and ensures insurance coverage integrity.
  • Patient Responsibility – Improves front-end collections while enhancing the entire process with analytics based on patient behavior and propensity to pay.
  • Patient Advocacy – Helps patients manage the financial aspect of their care, improving patient satisfaction scores and the overall patient experience through a combination of proprietary technology and one-on-one support.

Secure appropriate reimbursement and revenue

Specialized physicians, nurses and coders help secure appropriate coverage and payment for hospitals and health systems. Collaborative and timely patient billing status recommendations provide the foundation to improve processes, increase legitimate revenue and reduce denials. With a patient-centered extended business office and collection services, they are able to clarify the patient obligation and provide effective account resolution.


  • Clinical Denials – Handles denied claims, concurrently and/or retrospectively with a full complement of technical, legal and clinical expertise.
  • Physician Second Level Review – Provides concurrent, evidence-based recommendations for documentation surrounding length of stay and patient status by supplementing hospital clinical efforts.

The team of health care experts translates market and regulatory changes into actionable intelligence and solutions for providers.  They provide resources, education, and disciplined focus in areas where they have real expertise, led by industry thought-leaders who are plugged into the conversation in the marketplace.

Combined, the new organization solutions offer enhanced efficiency and foster innovation across the entire revenue cycle. 

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