MACRA is the talk of the town, but it seems there may be more talk than action going on now. With only six months remaining until the start of quality reporting submissions, many health care organizations are confused as to how they can move from education to action when it comes to preparing for the MACRA QPP regulations. Indeed, the industry seems to be stuck in a state of over-analyzing or over-thinking the MACRA Quality Payment Program (QPP). How, then, do you escape from this state of MACRA analysis paralysis?

In nThrive’s latest MACRA educational webcast, “MACRA: What you should be doing NOW,” viewers learn the steps that must be taken now to avoid the negative financial consequences of MACRA procrastination. Click here to view the webcast.

nThrive’s Senior Value-based Reimbursement Consultant, Moshe Starkman discusses how to determine the volume-to-value readiness of your organization and defines specific actions you can take to prepare your organization for the financial risks inherent to the MACRA QPP. Viewers will learn how to employ a made-to-order strategy for success by employing technology and education to compete for financial incentives and additional performance bonuses your organization has rightfully earned.

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