HIMSS attendees had the opportunity to participate in the nThrive Lunch and Learn at the Health Information and Management Systems Society Conference. Led by Chief Strategy Officer Sloan Clardy, and Principal Director Erica Franko, the presentation focused “How Improvements in Patient Access can Save the Health of Your Business.”

The presentation focused on the role of market trends in the quest to shape a holistic, integrated revenue cycle of the future – particularly a sophisticated, comprehensive Patient Access Solution. The discussion revealed how health care organizations can improve the patient experience, while enhancing cash flow through a patient-centered approach to solving persistent and new challenges in patient access. As patients become savvy consumers of health care services, and changing regulations disrupt the market, providers must look to new strategies to retain and delight patients.

Each member of the audience had the opportunity to discuss their ideal patient access process, and share some of the challenges faced by providers in our dynamic health care environment.

To read the full press release about nThrive’s involvement at HIMSS, click here.