nThrive Education MACRA Courses

Building a rock-solid plan to promote success under the newly established Quality Payment Program (QPP), an outgrowth of MACRA*, requires a comprehensive approach to address an unprecedented move towards value-based reimbursements. nThrive Education offers MACRA Solutions that utilize online assessment and learning tools to provide everything from introductory education to more intensive, impactful courses, while monitoring the comprehension level for each participant.

The nThrive Education MACRA Solution is built by the same team that created our ICD-10 curriculum – a series of courses used by more than two million learners in the U.S. to stay in front of the most significant update to coding requirements in over a decade.
The content is built for physicians and providers, including those in emergency physician networks (EPNs), Nurse Practitioners and staff at ambulatory sites. For physician content, we offer courseware that are nationally accredited Category I, CME.

nThrive Education has developed the largest QPP/MACRA education library in the U.S. with courses that are:

  • Fully mobile, enabling learners to take courses on a mobile device or computer
  • Designed to be precise and practical (each course is only 15 to 30 minutes in length)
  • Offer nationally approved Category I CME credit

A quick lesson about MACRA and QPP

MACRA, the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015, created the Quality Payment Program (QPP), effective January 1, 2017. Traditional Fee-For-Service (FFS) by volume models have all but expired as U.S. health care now transitions to value-based reimbursements.

The QPP consists of two tracks:

Within MIPS, there are four reporting categories:

1. Quality, based on the PQRS program, focuses on care and practice quality measures.

  • In 2017, Quality will account for 60 percent of a reporting entity’s MIPS final score
  • By 2019 the weight of the Quality category will be reduced to 30 percent, giving the difference to the Cost category

2. Advancing Care Information (ACI), based on the Meaningful Use program, focuses more acutely on technology in terms of information access, security, data sharing and the patient experience in terms of empowerment and engagement.

  • This category accounts for 25 percent of a reporting entities MIPS final score

3. Improvement Activities (IA) focuses on practice improvement with nearly 100 activities.

  • This category accounts for 15 percent of a reporting entities MIPS final score

4. Cost, based on the Value-based Payment Modifier (VM) program, this category focuses on the resource use of care across Medicare Part A and Part B beneficiaries.

  • In 2017, Cost will account for 0 percent of a reporting entity’s MIPS final score, but WILL be scored and a performance report will be sent to the participant
  • By 2019 the weight of the Cost category will be increased to 30 percent taking the difference from the Quality category

Under MIPS, eligible clinicians are scored on these four categories which are then added to arrive at a MIPS Comprehensive Performance Score (MIPS CPS), or MIPS Final Score. The MIPS CPS is compared to other provider scores across the U.S. and is used to make the final payment adjustment determination.

What kind of QPP/MACRA courses are available?

nThrive Education offers courses for all four categories of MIPS, from MACRA 101 courses for the beginner to intensive courses that prepare learners to succeed and meet MACRA reporting requirements.

Several of our MACRA courses outline how a given category is measured and calculated to determine the performance scores. Additionally, there are courses on documentation compliance, coding best practices and other impactful, practice-changing information.

For more information or questions about MACRA courses and solutions contact MACRA Business Consultant Mike Romney at mromney@nthrive.com. Or visit nThriveEducation.com/MACRA.

*The Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015