Kettering recognized it was experiencing an increase in underpaid accounts receivables, largely due to a legacy, out-of-date contract management system, poor processes and staff productivity issues. Bad debt was increasing due to missed and late patient payments, with 55 percent coming from Medicare and Medicaid, which its legacy system did not recognize.

To turn the situation around, Kettering leveraged nThrive technology, automating the entire contracting process to accurately forecast and capture net revenue owed, and better positioned staff to take a more proactive approach to poorly performing contracts.

Automation was implemented to provide accurate, patient-friendly estimates at the point of access, leveraging payor information in the contract management system.
The new process has helped to reduce bad debt and charity care; with Kettering experiencing an overall increase of more than $36 million over a four-year period. To read our nThrive case study on Kettering, click here.

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