If you haven’t already tried the nThrive Education Arcade, now is your chance – we’ve launched a new game! You can play against revenue cycle professionals across the country and compare your scores on our leaderboards with others in your industry. Your time spent, scores, and other data may be sent to the HealthStream Control Center for reporting purposes.

nThrive Education Arcade is the health care industry's most comprehensive and innovative performance optimization and educational tool. nThrive Education Revenue Cycle Solutions uses data to quickly identify performance weaknesses and opportunities to optimize coding, revenue cycle management, health care operations, and provider documentation processes before they hit the bottom line. Our solutions help you mitigate audit risk, drive accurate reimbursement, improve physician documentation and onboarding, and create a more resilient revenue cycle.

In this new version of Discharge Me UB-04, Go Go Granny, Cranky Carl, and the whole team are back to be your avatar as you work your way through the online board game and try to beat Tom. This time, you’ll be challenged with questions about the UB-04 and your score will be reported (along with your first name and last initial) to a real-time leaderboard. Play with revenue cycle professionals across the country and test your knowledge while having some fun. Hey, you just might learn something!

To play, just enter “Social Gaming” in the course search and launch the course for our Social Gaming Network. Click on “Competitive Games” at the top. Under the heading for Discharge Me you will see a link for The Basics of UB-04, which launches the game. Play a few times and get that high score to the top of the list! As always, let us know your feedback and whether you have any questions.

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