Hospital eBook

Looking for a primer on key actions you can take to turn your Patient Access function into a revenue generator? In the latest nThrive eBook we cover essential actions your organization can take to reinvent your front end operation.

Here are five ways to improve Patient Access that not only will help you improve margins, but yield sustainable results:

  1. Utilize experts to help optimize performance
  2. Deploy technology for greater accuracy and efficiency
  3. Provide education to grow workforce skills
  4. Include advocacy to better meet patient financial needs
  5. Expand to ambulatory for value-based care

Ultimately, says nThrive Chief Medical Officer Carl E. Couch, MD, MMM, FAAFP, the end goal is to deliver more value. “Today’s patients are looking for greater value from health care providers as they absorb more of their cost of care. Government, and increasingly, private payors, want higher value in the way of clinical quality and efficiency gains. All the while, health care leaders are looking to the revenue cycle to deliver more value, improving margins to support the inevitable shift to population health and episode-based payment models.”

While implementing these actions may be easier said than done, that’s where nThrive comes in. We know that when people, process and technology challenges are addressed at the point of access, everything improves – from increasing payments to reducing bad debt and improving efficiencies across the revenue cycle.

A few examples of how nThrive has helped health care organizations thrive include:

  • Producing estimates within 10 percent of the final bill, with one client increasing collections from approximately $5 million in year one to $27 million in year five
  • This same client also reduced overall bad debt from 1.6 percent to 0.9 percent
  • Another client went from zero collections to $2.9 million per month

Want to achieve similar results? Download our eBook, “Five Ways to Turn Patient Access into a Revenue Generator,” today. View our Patient Access Solutions to learn more and request a proposal, demo or more information.