nThrive and HealthStream are very excited to announce our latest enhancement to the nThrive Education Control Center – the Report Card. Featured in the nThrive Education Control Center navigation ribbon, the Report Card aggregates data from the Preparedness, Knowledge, and Leaderboard Stacks. Using this data, the Report Card features a clean and simple manager dashboard that showcases learner activity over a given period and displays a list of consolidated and prioritized recommended course assignments.

Utilizing the Control Center global filters, the administrator has insight into a learner’s, or group of learners’, activities and time spent, and can compare them to national benchmarks, identify assignments of the most critical courses for development, and share those recommendations directly with the student through the new email feature. In addition, nThrive is proud to have created a first-of-its-kind, sophisticated “Education Plan Prioritization Algorithm” that creates automated education plans customized to the student and prioritized based on the identified deficiencies and risk of not resolving them.

Whether the administrator or manager is looking at one student or a group, the Student Report Card Stack will simplify the aggregation and reporting of data for performance remediation or individual professional development plans. Think of it as a real report card that provides a view into learner performance and activity over a set period of time, but also offers a view that can be shared with the student.

This enhancement is a direct result of feedback from all our clients who loved the capabilities of the Control Center but wanted to reduce administrative time when trying to aggregate assessment and usage data across many uses and many students as well as proactively push this information to the student to act on it. With the Report Card, this all becomes possible.

One of the new features it gives each user is custom course recommendations based on the frequency of incorrect answers. As you probably know, previously the Knowledge stack gave you a list of course recommendations for a learner based on one assessment. This new feature enables recommendations to be weighted in descending order based on the Recommendation Coefficient formula, so they can be prioritized. The calculation crosses over assessments and incubators to take into account common areas of weakness across different types of assessments. We plan to add even more activities to the formula in the future; in the meantime, here is the formula driving these recommendations:

R(x) = {f2+μ(w)}
R = the recommendation coefficient, or the weight applied to a recommendation based on the combination of the frequency of incorrect answers and the weighting of those questions
f = the frequency, or count of occurrences, of incorrect answers with the same content tag
μ(w) = the average of the weights for each question answered incorrectly

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