nThrive has achieved full re-accreditation with the Healthcare Network Accreditation Program (HNAP) for Medical Biller from the Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC). EHNAC’s HNAP accreditation recognizes excellence in health data processing and transactions and ensures compliance with industry-established standards and HIPAA regulations.

Through EHNAC’s comprehensive third-party review, nThrive was evaluated in areas of privacy measures, systems availability and security infrastructure. In addition, EHNAC reviewed the organization’s process of managing and transferring protected health information and determined that the organization meets or exceeds all EHNAC criteria and industry standards. Through completion of the rigorous accreditation process, the organization demonstrates to its constituents, adherence to strict standards and participation in the comprehensive, objective evaluation of its business. The company has maintained accreditation since 2010.

“At a time when regulatory concerns are keeping health care leadership awake at night, a company’s decision to take the necessary steps to ensure trust within its stakeholders and customers that they’re adhering to the latest standards in privacy, security and confidentiality is an important accomplishment,” said Lee Barrett, executive director of EHNAC. “Attaining EHNAC HNAP accreditation requires companies demonstrate full commitment to ensuring the security and privacy of health data processing and transactions for their customers and provides a ‘seal of approval’ indicating nThrive exceeds industry-established standards and complies with HIPAA regulations.”

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