Dear Reader –

When it comes to some of the things I cherish most in life – my family, friendships and career, just to name a few – I know it is truly important that I always put my best foot forward to succeed in those areas. In doing so, I am able to benefit those around me, while also working towards reaching my goals. Although your circumstances and goals might be different than mine – if you are doing your personal best, you will find success in more ways than one.

Chuck Rackley, our northeast zone’s senior vice president and general manager, shares similar advice in his recent blog regarding the revenue cycle. Every organization aims to achieve excellence based on its own personal best. How a company achieves excellence is partially defined by variables such as talent, demographics as well as payor mix, reimbursement protocols and the processes that support them. I invite you to read more on what you could be doing to accomplish your goals.

Speaking of goals, many health care organizations are struggling to collect patient out-of-pocket costs. If you share this problem, have you defined success in terms of your organization’s point-of-service collections reimbursement goals? nThrive is equipped with resources to help turn your Patient Access operation into a revenue generator. I suggest starting with our new Checklist, “Top Five Ways to Offset Patient Liability.”

In today’s health care environment, improving the patient journey is critical. When patients feel overwhelmed by incoming medical bills, Accounts Receivable days tend to increase, leading to bad debt. To avoid this, here at nThrive we understand that it’s imperative to educate patients on understanding responsibility and guide them on their financial journey, leaving them feeling empowered rather than confused. To learn more, I hope you have a moment to read our new blog about protecting every dollar that you’re owed.

What’s equally important to the patient feeling in control is the productivity and health of our providers. nThrive is helping health systems thrive with our Patient-to-Payment℠ solutions. Let us know how we can help you, today.


Joel Hackney, CEO