nThrive Health Information Management Thought Leadership Insights

In today's world, with technology advancing daily, it is not uncommon to learn in the news about an organization, yet again, experiencing the havoc of a data breach. Bernard Gay, nThrive's chief information officer, discusses how health care organizations can trust third party service providers with patients' private information with improved management on page 6.

On page 27, Erica Franko, nThrive's senior vice president and managing director of advisory services, discusses how to leverage patient segmentation by identifying patients' solutions, preference, and needs while also increasing collections just by improving patient satisfaction.

Darcelle Johnson, nThrive's manager of revenue cycle education development, encourages health care organizations to build their front-line workforce by implementing an effective health solutions program that will turn a hospital's existing workforce and community into quality front-line staff and in turn, improve the organization and surrounding patient community on page 57.

Lastly, on page 77, Kevin Smith, nThrive's vice president of product management and strategy, explains the importance of patient satisfaction.

These phenomenal thought leaders gave exceptional presentations at HFMA New Jersey/Philadelphia Metro, offering the audience insights on each health care solutions topic. While you may have missed their presentations, you can still get the full scoop in their featured articles!

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