nThrive Charge Description Master solutions for health care

Watch our webinar, “Defending Your Chargemaster,” to learn how to define your Chargemaster, consider current medical industry trends and patterns, address areas of potential risk for hospitals, learn risk areas and develop a plan to proactively defend your Charge Description Master structure, negotiate payor contracts and how to develop an internal audit and monitoring program. Understand your payor contracts and how net revenue is impacted.

If you are using nThrive CDM Master or Manager, these health information management solutions provide a quick and easy way to create a machine-readable Chargemaster file as required by the new health care industry legislation. nThrive has a team of Chargemaster experts to help your facility by providing industry-leading advisory services and health information technology solutions:

  • Stay up-to-date with ever-changing medical coding and health care compliance rules
  • Reduce the labor-intensive process of managing thousands of charge codes
  • Standardize and sync multiple chargemasters across medical facilities
  • Develop and maintain a defensible and transparent pricing strategy for all charge codes

For more information about nThrive's renowned health information management services and solutions, including Chargemaster, Charge Capture and Revenue Integrity, contact us today at solutions@nthrive.com or call us at 678.323.2500.