nThrive Revenue Cycle Management outsourcing solutions boost financial margins

Americans have a healthy appetite for the latest health information technology and advances, driving today's $3 trillion health care industry. However, determining who pays is another matter. In our latest nThrive On-Demand Webinar, Erica Franko, nThrive senior vice president of Advisory and Implementation Services, explores this dilemma, noting that the patient's cost burden has increased 24 percent, largely due to high deductible health plans (HDHPs).

Unfortunately, because many patients can't or won't pay, providers collect on average just 50 percent to 70 percent of patient balances. Compound this with higher claim volumes stressing health care organization operations and it isn't hard to understand why hospital margins average in the two percent range.

In this webinar, Franko notes that leveraging outsourced resources is one way health care organizations can improve revenue cycle margins, helping patients on their financial journey while creating greater efficiencies to improve profitability, patient satisfaction, and patient education.

She also explores the critical role outsourcing can play in her recent blog, "Revenue cycle management issues? Reimbursements impacting margins? Consider outsourcing".

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