Dear Reader –

As we usher in the New Year, I present you with our first nQuirer of 2020. Included in this issue are several pieces emphasizing the health information technology and revenue cycle management value we can bring to health care organizations like yours, as well as insight into what makes nThrive an exceptional workplace for our colleagues.

First, I hope you'll take a minute to learn more about Revenue Cycle Analyzer (RCA), an innovative health information technology solution. In a recent webinar, nThrive took viewers on a tour of the solution, revealing how RCA can help health care organizations monitor overall performance and identify root causes that can have a negative impact on operations, patient satisfaction, and cash flow. Read more in our webinar recap.

In another recent webinar, nThrive Senior Director Advisory Solutions Analytics, Moshe Starkman discussed how to successfully administer a population health program through value-guided care. Value based health care initiatives are intended to help hospitals and health organizations reduce preventative care incidents, manage the health of those with chronic conditions, improve quality and manage overall costs through improved revenue cycle management technology and analytics. Click here to learn more about Population Health and the impact it may have on the future state of health care.

Next, we have a blog that illuminates how continuing education and stringent KPI monitoring directly correlates with more effective Patient Access. The role of the Patient Access team has evolved and expanded significantly over time. To ensure a high level of accuracy and productivity, today's Patient Access operation should hinge on KPI's that monitor quality, process, customer service and financial health. Moreover, it has become increasingly clear that Patient Access teams often receive inadequate training, which can disrupt both revenue cycle success and patient satisfaction. Read on for more information on how to improve Patient Access at your health care organization with nThrive's industry leading Patient Access Solutions and Education Programs.

This issue also features a case study involving Centegra Health System, which embarked upon a major revenue cycle transformation. In doing so, they partnered with nThrive to deploy an outsourcing conversion, eventually collecting the entirety of their cash goal. Discover how Centegra was able to accelerate cash flow while improving overall productivity as a result of their partnership with nThrive's powerful Revenue Cycle Management Solutions.

On a final note, nThrive was recently certified as a great workplace for the third consecutive year by the third-party analysts at Great Place to Work®. In recognition of this unique distinction, we've put together a video showcasing some of what makes nThrive special – from flexible work hours and volunteer opportunities to the caliber and enthusiasm of our colleagues.

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Joel Hackney, CEO