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We are undoubtedly witnessing an unprecedented moment in our country's history as we grapple with unrest amid the persistence of COVID-19. Despite our turbulent circumstances, your hospital or health care organization's mission to provide crucial patient solutions across the continuum of care continues, and I hope this latest issue of The nQuirer offers relevant information to support that mission during even the most trying of times.

Once again, I'd like to call out our "Keeping up with COVID-19" webinar series, located on our dedicated COVID-19 Coronavirus Portal. We recently debuted a session entitled, "Securing Revenue for Hospitals and Providers in a COVID-19 Environment," hosted by nThrive Senior Vice President of Advisory Services, Rebecca Marsh, along with Jason Cunningham, Senior Director of Revenue Integrity at Central Maine Healthcare. Marsh focused on tactics and strategies to help health care organizations and hospitals secure appropriate reimbursement through detailed health care data analysis, while Cunningham shared real life examples of her recommendations. Click here to access a replay of this informative nThrive webinar and find out more on how your hospital or health care organization can thrive operationally and bolster your revenue cycle during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

A subsequent "Keeping up with COVID-19" webinar featured a client panel discussion led by nThrive Chief Marketing Officer, Kristen Saponaro. She was joined by a trio of health care organization leaders, including Trinity Health Senior Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer, David Bittner, Riverside Health System Senior Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer, Charlie Graham, and Banner Health Vice President of Revenue Integrity, Bradley Tinnermon. Throughout the discussion, our panelists recounted how their medical organizations are handling patient solutions, revenue cycle management, and other crucial operational aspects through COVID-19. From preparation to survival, sharing their experiences and lessons learned as the pandemic continues to impact our country and the world, this impactful nThrive webinar gives viewers key details to help health care organizations succeed during and beyond COVID-19. For an in-depth look at "Provider Life During and Post -COVID-19," click here.

Yet another session emphasized the benefits of utilizing Lean Six Sigma (LSS) during COVID-19 recovery. nThrive Senior Director of Value-Based Reimbursements Moshe Starkman and nThrive Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Cindy Abraham presented on ways in which LSS can help hospitals and health care organizations save costs, improve quality, and efficiently transition to value-based care. LSS implementation allows medical facilities to eliminate wasted steps from their organizational processes, thereby promoting improved outcomes and efficiency. In the age of COVID-19, organizations can expect LSS to play an integral role in the shift from fee-for-service to value-based care and accelerating population health while better controlling quality and cost. Click here learn more.

Switching gears, nThrive enthusiastically announced the arrival of our cutting-edge health information technology solution, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), at the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) 2020 Digital Annual Conference. RPA can automate processes and replicate the actions of human workers, resulting in improved productivity and efficiency in the health care arena. What's more, nThrive software robots can be customized to meet your specific hospital needs, capable of automating a lengthy list of processes, running the gamut from medical billing edits to eligibility research. To discover more on how RPA can support your hospital or health care organization and strengthen your revenue cycle, click here.

In other news, nThrive Vice President of Advisory Services, Kyle Sherseth authored a blog pertaining to the latest 2021 price transparency mandates. Health care organizations now have less than six months to comply with directives to reveal private, negotiated rates beginning January 1, 2021. With time growing critical, organizations can still fully prepare for the new price transparency requirements with a strategic approach, ultimately avoiding fines and, more importantly, enhancing patient experience through improved patient access. For information on how we can help guide your preparation plans, click here.

On a final note, I remind you that, since 2010, nThrive has achieved full accreditation with the Healthcare Network Accreditation Program (HNAP) for Electronic Health Networks (EHN) from the Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC). This accreditation confirms compliance with industry-established standards and HIPAA regulations. Because nThrive processes bills comprising health data on behalf of clients daily, we're proud of this endorsement recognizing our continued commitment to ensuring that every transaction is performed at the highest level of security and compliance. Click here to read more on this noteworthy distinction.

In closing, should you have any questions or concerns, I invite you to reach out to us anytime at for assistance. For inquiries related to COVID-19, please turn to our Coronavirus Portal as a trusted resource to help you continue offering your patients the topnotch health care solutions they deserve.

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Joel Hackney, CEO