nThrive announced availability of its cutting-edge robotic process automation (RPA) technology at the HFMA 2020 Digital Annual Conference. RPA in health care gives your medical organization the ability to automate processes and replicate the actions of human workers interacting with one or more system user interfaces. This automation results in improved productivity and efficiencies for health systems and hospitals.

nThrive software robots or "bots" are customized to hospital needs, automating an exhaustive list of processes, including:

  • Denial requests for medical records
  • Missing internal claim number (ICN) / Document Control Number (CDN) claim
  • Eligibility research
  • Medical Billing edits
  • Prior auth submission/tracking and more

To learn more on how RPA can help your hospital or health care organization during COVID-19 and beyond, read our blog here. Feel free to speak with an nThrive expert about an RPA implementation today by contacting us through the following form.