Dear Reader —

Last month's edition of The nQuirer made mention of some critical resources we've been providing for our esteemed clients, the hospitals and health care organizations that continue to serve us in the fight against COVID-19. I hope you've had a chance to visit the nThrive COVID-19 Coronavirus Portal, where you can find pertinent information regarding CMS updates, business continuity and recovery plans, health information technology and revenue cycle management blogs and videos, and more.

Our Coronavirus Portal also features highlights from our ongoing nThrive webinar series, "Keeping Up with COVID-19." Here, you can register for upcoming nThrive webinars and find presentation slides, replay videos, question-and-answer guides, and blog recaps of prior webinar's.

One recent webinar, "Leverage Analytics During COVID and Beyond to Improve Physician Practice Profitability," profiled how accelerated telehealth adoption has prompted health care providers to utilize health care data analytics more frequently to identify and provide effective patient solutions for those who may be high-risk. Our speaker addressed how to best leverage health care data analytics to reinvent workflows and maximize operational performance during these challenging times. Access a full recap here.

Another webinar focused on how the Coronavirus pandemic is impacting value-based care at hospitals and health care organizations across the country. "COVID-19 Pandemic Accelerates U.S. Transition to Value-Based Care" was facilitated by Moshe Starkman, nThrive senior director of Value-Based Reimbursements. In the wake of COVID-19's arrival, the session examined why value-based care is likely to continue evolving at a rapid pace in preparation for future potential public health crises. For more information, click here.

"How Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Can Improve Revenue Cycle Efficiency During COVID-19 Recovery" was led by Andrew Woughter, nThrive senior vice president of Product Strategy. This webinar discussed how hospitals and health care organizations can automate certain business processes to recover from the pandemic's impact on operations. Social distancing and the shift to remote staff has compelled the industry to reimagine the workplace and consider leveraging RPA to operate more efficiently both now and in the future. To find out more about how nThrive's leading RPA solutions can help you accelerate business recovery, click here.

Speaking of recovery, the webinar series also included an installment called "Health Care Business Continuity and Recovery for COVID-19 and Beyond." This session featured input from two nThrive presenters &emdash; Senior Vice President and General Manager of Product Management Mark Janiszewski and Senior Vice President of Service Line Management Laxmi Patel. Throughout the presentation, both speakers outlined plans to mitigate business disruption and maintain patient satisfaction as we adjust to our industry's "new normal." To gain further insight, click here.

On a final note, this latest nQuirer also features a blog from nThrive Director of Revenue Cycle Solutions Olivia Currin-Britt. "Overcome Insurance Discovery Challenges to Quickly Access CARES Act Cash" reminds readers that funds are still available under the CARES Act programs that were established to aid health care providers. This is a noteworthy opportunity for providers to receive reimbursement that can assist in bolstering your revenue cycle as we rebound from the pandemic. Click here for more information on how nThrive can help your hospital or health care organization access CARES funds and offset financial loss attributed to COVID-19.

As always, please reach out to our health information technology and revenue cycle management experts anytime at with questions or concerns. We are here to support your hospital or health care organization however possible as the country takes steps towards recovery from the throes of the pandemic.

Stay well,

Joel Hackney, CEO