Dear Reader –

Let me begin by addressing the Coronavirus (COVID-19) infection, the global pandemic that has altered our world. We recognize that you, our clients, are on the front line in this fight, caring for our communities. We at nThrive are forever grateful for your compassion, leadership, and expertise.

As we monitor and work through this difficult time, nThrive continues to put social distancing best practices into place to ensure the safety of our colleagues. On Friday, March 13, nThrive decided to ask our office-based colleagues to work remotely and approximately 80% of our colleagues are now doing so. We do have colleagues whose roles require that they are performed in an office setting and we are regularly deep cleaning and sanitizing, as well as putting in place social distancing measures. Our colleagues who are in client-hospital settings are following the protocol of each client. nThrive team members are here to support you and to ensure that business continuity plans are in place in order to serve your hospital or health care organization best.

Here is a glimpse into how nThrive is steadfast in our support of our clients that are on the frontlines of the Coronavirus pandemic:

Specifically, for Claims Management clients, as many positions move to remote environments, nThrive is keeping our users informed on developing information to ensure claims are processed without interruption. On March 18, a notification titled “Claims Management – Installation Instructions and Important Links,” was delivered to members of the Claims Management notification group on the nThrive Community Portal. This notification included pertinent information for the installation and configuration of the product on their laptops to enable the remote work. Read the full article on this here.

From a medical coding perspective, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) created two new HCPCS codes in response to the current World Health Organization (WHO) public health emergency of international concern for COVID-19. The codes can be utilized by health care providers to report laboratory services related to COVID-19 Coronavirus diagnostic testing. Medicare claims processing systems will be able to accept these new HCPCS codes effective April 1, 2020 retroactively back to its effective date. nThrive has pulled together recommendations for hospitals based on these updates. Click here for further information.

At nThrive, we recognize that COVID-19 has changed the face of health care forever. One positive outcome may be the increased use of telehealth, enabling virtual medical appointments without the concern of contracting or exposing others to the virus. Read more about the nuances to these virtual visits and the benefits for both patients and health care professionals here.

As your hospital or health care organization navigates through this pandemic, we continue to update our resources regarding COVID-19 coronavirus protocols, our business continuity plan, as well as medical coding and other pertinent updates. Keep up with the latest COVID-19 coronavirus updates and resources here.

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As always, I encourage you to reach out to us at with any questions or concerns, especially given our current environment. nThrive is here to help your hospital or health care organization effectively navigate this dynamic and challenging health care landscape.


Joel Hackney, CEO