Alpharetta, GA, November 17, 2016 – nThrive, an independent patient-to-payment℠ solutions company, today announced it has entered into an agreement to acquire Adreima, a Downers Grove, Ill.-based provider of patient-centered, clinically-integrated revenue cycle services that help patients find coverage and meet their financial obligations, while partnering with health care providers to optimize revenue cycle functions.

The addition of the Adreima business fortifies the nThrive portfolio with new, strategic capabilities that are essential to evolving industry dynamics, including patient eligibility determination and enrollment services, which improve the ability of health care providers to identify appropriate programs to fund care and assist patients in gaining access. Adreima’s capabilities also include strong programs supporting patient advocacy and self-pay collections. As patients take on a higher portion of financial responsibility for their care, providers increasingly seek to deliver a positive experience as patients work to resolve their financial responsibility.

Adreima’s solution portfolio further strengthens nThrive’s patient-to-payment roadmap. nThrive’s technologies, revenue cycle services expertise, analytics depth and education services enhance delivery of Adreima’s core offerings, building on its clinically integrated patient-centric approach. The combined offerings deliver a better outsourcing cost-to-value proposition for providers and continue to build a pathway for providers to consolidate additional revenue cycle functions to a single supplier.

“We believe providers benefit from a single partner for their revenue cycle management, and we continue to invest in services and technology for our patient-to-payment spectrum of solutions that empower health care for everyone in every community,” says nThrive CEO Joel Hackney. “Our acquisition of Adreima’s patient-centered, clinically-integrated solutions demonstrates nThrive’s commitment to delivering on our promise to create greater innovation and scale that generates standardized and repeatable clinical, operational and financial performance for health care providers.”

“Our clients have increasingly sought to partner with suppliers that can work with them to streamline operations and increase efficiency throughout the breadth of the revenue cycle,” says Adreima CEO Bob Wilhelm. “By adding Adreima’s services to the nThrive portfolio, together we can meet that need and provide access to an expanded set of offerings, including comprehensive technology solutions and targeted education solutions. This is an exciting step forward that will benefit our clients and our nThrive™ Signs Agreement to Acquire Independent Revenue Cycle Services Organization Page 2 of 2 team members. We are looking forward to working with the nThrive team to bring our companies together to achieve the patient-to-payment vision.”

The transaction is expected to close prior to year-end 2016. nThrive was advised on the transaction by William Blair and received legal advice from Kirkland & Ellis LLP. Financing is being arranged by Barclays Bank PLC. Terms of the deal will not be disclosed.

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About Adreima
Adreima provides patient-centered, clinically-integrated revenue cycle management services to approximately 450 hospitals nationwide. This unique approach, combined with a comprehensive revenue cycle perspective, ensures clients achieve results by recognizing the full value of services provided. For additional information on Adreima, visit

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