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In chaos, opportunity

Featured story in The Economic Times, 8/20/2019 - Divas Chawla, Managing Director, Global Solutions, nThrive

The interdependence of industries has given rise to challenges, but within them lie gilt-edged opportunities

Today, consumerism is about instant gratification, increasingly changing expectations and wanting more bang for the buck. The interdependence of various industries across geographies has made it even more complex. Every client that I talk to wants us to be faster, better, cheaper!

I always like to pivot on what I call the PAKT model - People & Processes, Analytics, Knowledge Management and Technology. No matter how dynamic or volatile or even stable the environment; one should have a keen eye on all these because the client goal has to be your goal.

People make companies; know them. Grow them! They know how the client can be served better, the market and the challenges. Have a process to continuously take their inputs and implement them. Invest in their development and their continuous improvement. Continuous review of the various processes is a must to continue to keep them relevant and efficient.

I call Analytics, the EQ of the company. Know your performance vis a vis the client goals and competition. Knowledge is power and therefore, ensure retention and management of the collective company knowledge. And definitely always have a budget for investments in technology and innovating/improving upon what you have.

As Sun Tzu said, "In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity."

Divas Chawla

Divas Chawla
Managing Director
Global Solutions