Our Purpose

At nThrive, we make revenue cycle management simple, efficient, accurate

See how we’re now 100% focused on SaaS revenue cycle technology

Revenue cycle management remains too complex and costly for healthcare providers, payors and patients

We offer innovations to improve revenue cycle speed, accuracy, and productivity

Across thousands of health systems, hospitals, physician practices and payors, our technology simplifies and automates the revenue cycle from end to end. It eliminates administrative burden, reduces costly errors, expands staff knowledge, provides data insights, improves productivity and increases profitability.


get paid faster and more accurately.


can ensure proper payment from the start.


receive correct estimates prior to undergoing care.

It’s time to re-engineer your revenue cycle so that you can improve operational productivity, generate resources to finance your mission and save valuable time to better serve your patients.

nThrive. Fast and accurate reimbursements, improved productivity and profitability.