nThrive's partner solutions help technology vendors, healthcare services companies, medical billing companies and consultants create a strategic advantage by enhancing the technology and services they offer without large investments in development and ongoing management. With nThrive as your partner, you have access to market-leading revenue cycle solutions to help your clients improve their financial health.

Integrated and Embedded Solutions

We empower our partners through collaboration, innovation and content capabilities that tap into the power of nThrive. Partnerships are driven by nThrive’s ability to provide:

  • Event driven validations

  • Standardized approach to grouping and pricing

  • Insightful and actionable information that empowers users

  • Unified and automated delivery of embedded and integrated data

  • Expanded content capabilities that add more value and maximize revenue

  • One voice of truth in and out of the box solidifying content capabilities

  • Solutions that decrease rework, redundancies and lower the total cost of ownership

  • Promote compliance and quality, mitigate denials at the root cause, and avoid revenue delays

Our industry-leading solution options are delivered individually, combined, or can be complemented with an nThrive bolt-on solution.

We work collaboratively with our partners leveraging thought leadership, education solutions, and our deep understanding of health care and health information technology to define innovative solutions based on the need of each partner.

  • Application-to-application: content is shared or embedded between nThrive and partner applications
  • Data files: content is delivered to partners via data files
  • Universal web services: content capabilities are integrated within partner applications via web services

Seamless Claims Integration

nThrive Claims Management is an integrated medical billing solution that maximizes first-pass payment rates and reduces denials. By leveraging our multiple models of integration, you can promote a seamless user experience. nThrive’s integrated and embedded claims management solution enhances existing EHR investments to achieve a unified, superior revenue cycle operation.

  • Revenue Cycle Outsourcing and Staff Augmentation

    nThrive’s Revenue Cycle Outsourcing enables clients to scale services to meet the needs of their business, tap into a 24/7, "follow the sun" approach to services and benefit from a more effective cost-to-value proposition. Our commitment to service, compliance, stringent security policies and procedures and adherence to service level agreements provide clients a global outsourcing option they can rely on and trust.

  • Revenue Cycle Education

    Benefit from the largest revenue cycle education solution in the country. nThrive Education provides a tailored online education, performance management and benchmarking solution that enables health care organizations to implement structured, personalized training programs for medical coders, medical billers, clinical documentation specialists, physicians and other staff members.

  • Advisory Services

    nThrive offers a full suite of revenue cycle services that can be combined with your solutions to help minimize performance risk for clients while also reducing your company’s financial risk.

Our Integrated Content Engines and KnowledgeSource Solutions “empower our partners” with edit/pricing validations, claim editing capabilities, content management/normalization, and workflow integrations. Learn more about how nThrive KnowledgeSource Solutions can dynamically embed into your solution at KnowledgeSource Billing & Coding Compliance Technology

Learn how nThrive's partner solutions can enhance your offerings:

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