nThrive + PELITAS

Joining forces to deliver safe, convenient patient access solutions

PELITAS’s Patient Access solutions – awarded Best in KLAS for 2019, 2020 and 2022 – are now part of nThrive’s End-to-End Revenue Management Platform.

  • Providers can access automated workflow capabilities to financially clear patients pre-service or at check-in.
  • Patients benefit from virtual check-in and payment capabilities.

By adding PELITAS’s fully integrated patient access and digital engagement solutions to our Revenue Management Platform, we can deliver a 360-degree view of financial performance across all stages – and make healthcare finance work better for providers, payers and patients.

About PELITAS, an nThrive company

PELITAS will boost nThrive’s patient access offerings, delivering incremental value for both providers and patients. Provide safer, more convenient registration and check-in options and set the tone for digital transformation

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