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nThrive introduces new technology and services divisions

Two specialized divisions focused on driving market leading solutions

nThrive announced the business will establish two independent divisions – a Technology Division and a Services Division, effective October 1, 2020. Two years ago, nThrive established Technology and Services business units, focused on their respective areas. As a natural and strategic next step, this move into two dedicated divisions allows ample focus on driving market leading solutions for all clients. With this change, the client teams established within both divisions will now be able to provide a higher level of specialized support to clients.

The strategic relationship between the Technology and Services Divisions remains strong as the company continues to grow its Patient-to-Payment offerings in the market and momentum in full revenue cycle outsourcing. Technology solutions will remain a critical component of the solutions provided by the Services Division and service solutions will continue to augment and enable nThrive clients to better leverage technology solutions in their operations.

“Leveraging the strengths we have built in both the Technology and Services portions of the revenue cycle for health care systems, we are able to provide a set of initiatives to even further improve our focus and ability to grow and succeed in our mission of improving access to health care for all communities,” stated nThrive CEO, Joel Hackney, who will assume the role of Chairman of the nThrive, Inc. board of directors.

The new executive leadership team serving nThrive Technology consists of Sloan Clardy, Chief Executive Officer; Erik Preiss, Chief Technology Officer; Mark Janiszewski, Chief Product and Strategy Officer; Christy Mitchell, Chief of Staff; Amy Sebero, Chief Client Officer; Lance Culbreth, Chief Financial Officer; Sally Kurth, Chief Human Resources Officer; Jan Ross, Chief Information Officer; and Dan Mulligan, Chief Legal Officer.

The new executive leadership team serving nThrive Services consists of Brenda Cline, Chief Executive Officer; Brett Palmer, Chief Operations Officer, Front/Middle; Denise DeCocker, Chief Operations Officer, Back and Support; Laxmi Patel, Chief Strategy Officer; Divas Chawla, Managing Director, Global Solutions; Kristen Saponaro, Chief Client Officer; Ryan McCabe, Chief Financial Officer; Sherry Degnan, Chief Human Resources Officer; Karen Baker, Chief Information Officer; and Heather MacKenzie Swift, Chief Legal Officer.

About nThrive

With more than 30 years’ experience, nThrive provides leading healthcare revenue cycle management SaaS solutions, offering patient access, charge integrity, claims management, contract management, machine learning and robotic process automation, data and analytics and education software solutions to more than 1,000 hospitals and health systems in all 50 states.

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