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Holistically drive higher revenue cycle performance and greater financial health.

To thrive in today’s health care environment, you need a robust revenue cycle that excels from beginning to end.

  • We call this Patient-to-Payment – end-to-end revenue cycle management, analytics and education solutions that start with the first patient touch point and conclude with payment for services. Our knowledge and capabilities can help connect your organization's disparate processes and data sources, turning your revenue cycle into a high-functioning ecosystem. What does the patient-to-payment ecosystem look like for you?
  • At nThrive, we use technology to unify revenue cycle processes across the enterprise. Our expert consultants can provide your organization with strategic insights to help your health system perform better so you’ll be more responsive to patients. Along the way, we’ll help you leverage and harness the power of your data and educate your workforce to sustain performance. Achieve dramatic results with nThrive so you and your community can truly thrive.

“The fast and efficient implementation of the full business outsourcing engagement enabled our team to accelerate cash while improving productivity. In conjunction with the additional tools and technologies you put in place for us, we are now in a position to sustainably optimize our financial improvement.”

Robin Stoen, Director of Revenue Cycle, Centegra Health System

Centegra Health System