Back End Revenue Cycle Back End Revenue Cycle

At nThrive, we’ve got your back

The back end of the revenue cycle - generating cash and driving sustainable growth - is your financial lifeline.

  • When your organization’s revenue cycle is optimized from patient-to-payment, all the pieces are in place to streamline claims, shorten accounts receivable days, and reduce cost to collect.
  • nThrive can help you improve the patient accounting process and remedy root causes for costly write-offs, denials and underpayments. You'll have the knowledge you need to negotiate with payors on contracts and value-based payment models.
  • Achieve 98% payor claims acceptance rate

    Accelerate payment ─ check every claim for errors and automate issue resolution with nThrive’s 28,000+ institutional and professional edits

  • Eliminate redundancy with PAS integration

    Embed edits within your EPIC, Cerner or Allscripts patient accounting system to prevent rework and create a single source of truth for compliance audits

  • Improve real-time accountability and control

    Identify upstream errors and pinpoint root causes with nThrive denial prevention alerts and dashboard management

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  • Manage complex contracts

    Use modeling to evaluate profitability on complex fee-for-service or fee-for-value contracts ‒ manage ongoing updates across episodes of care

  • Hold payors accountable

    Identify payor discrepancies ‒ pinpoint actual versus owed payments and document ongoing issues to ensure full reimbursements

  • Secure future revenue

    Prepare for contract negotiations ─ model scenarios on proposed terms and conditions to secure your best advantage for long-term future revenue

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  • Reduce costly collections

    Leverage nThrive advanced workflow and specialized services to increase collector productivity by 30%+ on average

  • Generate more recoveries

    Appeal 88% of denials and win 30-35% of the time, more revenue than hospitals can achieve alone

  • Recoup cash from underpayments

    Use nThrive’s advanced business intelligence capabilities to hold payors accountable for contractually-owed revenue

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Barnabas Health Recovers $34 million

Case Study

In partnership with nThrive, Barnabas Health recovers $34 million in denied claims, establishes a process to increase collections, and prevent future denials

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Learn how Clarendon Health System cut Medicare A/R days by 13 and found cash to reinvest in their community

Clarendon Health System reduces Medicare A/R days by 13 and uses new-found cash for community investment

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