Accounts Receivable (AR) Management Services

Drive down aging hospital receivables with a full suite of clinically integrated Accounts Receivable (A/R) Management services that expedite cash collection. nThrive helps health care providers manage difficult payor portfolios, such as Medicaid and accounts receivable work-downs for system implementations. Both on-and off-shore programs are available to address your organization’s aged and/or small balance inventories.

Technical expertise is only half the battle. Our clinical experts fight the denials your organization receives and provide data to prevent recurring issues. Robust reporting empowers you to hold government and third party carriers accountable for the full, accurate, timely reimbursement you are owed.

nThrive provides:

  • Early-out and aged A/R services for all payors
  • Full-service Medicaid A/R from determining eligibility through account resolution
  • IT system implementation and legacy system support

ROI Realized by a North Carolina Safety Net Health System

A 191% ROI was realized by a safety net health system located in North Carolina within the first year of engaging with nThrive A/R Management solutions.

nThrive AR Management Services:

  • Accounts Receivable Augmentation Service
  • Accounts Receivable Workdown Service
  • Accounts Receivable Management Program
  • Patient Financial Services Strategic Source
  • Out of State Medicaid Program

nThrive AR Management Solutions:

AR Management Case Study AR Management Case Study

Promise Healthcare Case Study

Working with nThrive, Promise Healthcare overcomes increasing A/R backlog by making critical changes to resolve nearly 50 percent of accounts and liquidate $13.9M in cash

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