Health Care Contract Management and Modeling Solutions

nThrive’s Contract Management suite is a web-based revenue management platform designed to help providers accurately forecast, calculate and capture all net revenue contractually owed and model various scenarios and resulting revenue impact to support contract negotiations. Our solution ensures providers understand the exact reimbursement owed from all payor sources (commercial, government and patients), proactively manage payor performance (across acute and ambulatory) and negotiate optimal future contracts.

nThrive's advanced contract management functions and episode-of-care analytics are capable of benefiting hospital systems in several ways:

  1. Accurate forecasting of revenue based on complex medical contract terms
  2. Identification of systemic payor issues
  3. Ability to negotiate more favorable contracts that protect long-term revenue
  4. Identification of underpayments to recover lost revenue and resolve recurring issues

nThrive’s Contract Management suite is designed to monitor complex commercial payor contracts and capture all rightfully-owed revenue. When integrated with the entire line of nThrive solutions, health systems benefit from accurate patient bill estimates based on a common contract database as well as automated claim submission, reduced denials and reduced underpayments. nThrive’s Contract Management Solutions have consistently ranked #1 by KLAS* since 2006 and are utilized by nearly 200 health systems. As the leader in health care contract management software companies, we deliver:

  • 5-10x return on investment based on historical client performance
  • Improved recovery due to accurate underpayment identification
  • Complete government coverage, including Medicare, TRICARE, Medicaid and Workers’ Compensation
  • Risk mitigation in the transition to fee-for-value with more transparency and support for more than 110 defined episodes
  • Contract modeling capabilities to project expected profitability
  • Improved bundled payment and at-risk payor contract performance
  • Root cause identification through contract trending over service month for contract performance setbacks
  • Streamlined access to key metrics, including yield percentage (actual to expected) and payment variance percentage (variance to expected) by contract for trending over service month
  • Macro-level performance monitoring of entire contract portfolio using metrics such as average days to pay, expected payment and patient responsibility
  • Improved revenue streams by means of contract performance analysis as well as identify possible service line additions
  • Multi-facility analysis to pinpoint and segment care improvement needs by single facility or custom facility groupings
  • Calculate and provide accurate patient liability estimates

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Kettering Health Network Case Study

Kettering Health Network partners with nThrive to capture 50 percent more patient underpayments with improved health care contract management software

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Large Southeastern Health System Case Study

Large Southeastern Health System Recovers More Than $163 Million in Managed Care Underpayments

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