Denial Management Services and Solutions

Increasing denial rates are a significant, unpredictable financial drain on health care organizations. nThrive Denial Management services and solutions increase payment recovery for clients and partners by improving root cause analysis, process improvement and denials prevention.

Some benefits of nThrive's Denial Management Services include:

  • 20% decrease in denials seen by providers in first year of partnering with nThrive
  • 81.4% recovery rate of all payor appealed cases
  • 62% payor recovery rate for all referred cases

nThrive Denial Management Services:

  • Clinical Appeals Service
  • Complex Denials Service
  • Government Appeals Service
  • Comprehensive Denials Management Program
  • Payment Variance Program
  • Discount Compliance Recovery Services

nThrive Denial Management Solutions:

Maricopa Integrated Health System Case Study

Maricopa Integrated Health System partners with nThrive to recapture $28.M through denials outsourcing and provide much needed backlog relief during EHR transition

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