Collection Services and Recovery Solutions

Health care providers continue to struggle with revenue cycle leakage and reduced cash flow caused by increasingly complex payment regulations and growing patient responsibility for payment. nThrive offers a number of industry-leading health information technology services and revenue cycle management solutions for hospitals and other health care organizations that address poor productivity and increasing cost to collect. At nThrive, our Collection Services help clients and partners collect on dollars owed efficiently and compassionately while accelerating net revenue and overall patient satisfaction throughout the continuum of care.

nThrive Collection Services include:

  • Credit Balance Service
  • Third-Party Liability Service
  • Self-Pay Program
  • Bad Debt Primary Program
  • Bad Debt Secondary Program

nThrive Solutions:

With nThrive’s collection services, recovery solutions, and expert advisory services, your hospital or health care organization staff can manage account receivable processing in a way that yields the highest revenue by providing automated, customizable business rules through nThrive Collections Management technology. By presenting users with a unified way to view all types of open receivables in a streamlined workflow, collectors manage volume effectively and resolve accounts efficiently. With nThrive, health care providers can:

  • Eliminate missed revenue opportunities by facilitating denial recovery and decreasing bad debt write-offs
  • Improve denial management and prevent future denials by accurately identifying root causes
  • Increase productivity through automation to decrease manual work, eliminate inconsistencies, and drive exception-driven workflow
  • Increase visibility into all operations by leveraging a single platform to monitor staff and payor performance and gain visibility into aging A/R and denials

Some benefits of nThrive's Collections and Recovery Services and Solutions include:

  • 10% reduction in total cost to collect
  • 5% increase in net revenue
  • 30% increase in collector productivity

Northeastern Health System Case Study

Learn how a top Northeastern health system successfully recovered $34 million in denied claims and established a process for increasing collections through a partnership with nThrive.

Download the case study

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