Empower health care by elevating knowledge and competency

In an era of unprecedented change, nThrive Education helps your team flourish through capability improvement and costly error prevention.

  • Keeping a team’s applicable knowledge current is critical in today’s complex health care environment. To maintain standards of proficiency, turn to nThrive Education. We’ve successfully educated more than two million health care learners with rich educational content developed by our health care experts.
  • We use our competency assessment tools to reveal knowledge gaps and bring professionals up to speed, and use today's most innovative eLearning tools to fit a variety of learning styles.
  • Assess Your Team’s Competency

    nThrive’s role-based assessments, national benchmarks and analytics combine to reveal areas for improvement

  • Optimize Reimbursement and Avoid Penalties

    Quickly mitigate financial and compliance risks by targeting education to remedy knowledge deficiencies – not strengths

  • Broad Course Catalog Provides Standardized Learning

    Use a single solution to manage staff education and competencies with eLearning courses covering all facets of the revenue cycle.

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  • Stay Current in Dynamic Environment

    Keep your staff up-to-date on the latest regulations

  • Avoid Regulatory Penalties

    Prevent compliance missteps that erode revenue

  • Boost Role Competency

    Ensure that each role understands how regulations impact their specific tasks

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  • Augment Pre-Built eLearning for complete program roll out and support

    nThrive can enrich your educational program by filling in content gaps that off-the-shelf training doesn’t cover

  • Enhance Learner Comprehension with Advanced Technologies

    nThrive utilizes convenient, attention-grabbing learning technologies such as mobile, gamification, simulation, and more

  • nThrive’s Experience Makes Your Custom eLearning More Effective

    A leader in eLearning, nThrive has developed more than 200 mobile apps and 100 video games, with five million course completions

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Case Study: Increasing Coder Productivity

Understand the direct correlation between coder knowledge deficiencies and productivity Learn more

Be a revenue cycle superstar

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Brochure: Transitions Program

Meet health care job shortages by building a workforce from non-traditional sources Learn more

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