To take care of the patient, you must take care of your colleagues and organizational health.

nThrive Education empowers health care by elevating knowledge and competency.
  • Keeping a team’s applicable knowledge current is critical in today’s complex health care environment. To maintain standards of proficiency, turn to nThrive Education. We’ve successfully educated more than 2 million health care learners with rich educational content developed by our health care experts.
  • We use our competency assessment tools to reveal knowledge gaps and bring professionals up to speed, and use today's most innovative eLearning tools to fit a variety of learning styles.
  • Fortify colleague skills with an entire revenue cycle library

    Provide complete training to revenue cycle colleagues for higher-quality patient satisfaction and increased revenue through our extensive library of more than 2,000 content offerings.

  • Build interdepartmental efficiency and cooperation

    Strengthen fundamental knowledge across the revenue cycle through foundational course series, including clinical documentation, administration, and support.

  • Eliminate common rejection and denial root sources

    Quickly diminish financial and compliance risks by targeting education to remedy knowledge deficiencies.

  • Prepare colleagues for success

    Coach professionals taking CDI, CCS, or Professional Credential exams with our Prep Tests that contain answers and explanations.

  • Target gaps to provide improvement training

    Our assessments reveal knowledge gaps to zero in on training that strengthens colleague performance.

  • Screen before you hire

    Pre-employment candidate tests thoroughly screen candidates for revenue cycle roles, saving organizations tens of thousand of dollars.

  • Provide engaging and successful education for every learner

    nThrive Education uses a mix of education approaches and technologies to accommodate each person’s unique learning style.

  • Rejuvenate colleague engagement and success

    Games and animation make learning fun, driving colleagues to increase knowledge with tools like coding simulators and incubators — improving efficacy for the visual learner.

  • Showcase colleague expertise

    Provide an ongoing path for skill enhancement and commitment to colleague growth that fosters increased quality of patient care and satisfaction.

  • Reduce errors, increase cash flow, and experience fewer claim denials

    Grow colleague knowledge to improve revenue cycle health with certification and badge programs that challenge and change processes for the better.

  • Build credentials at your own pace

    Certification and badge programs are delivered in digestible blocks to fit a tight time schedule for busy colleagues, validating mastery along the way.

  • Nurture top performers and help them grow

    Provide clear pathways to certification in pursuit of a chosen profession with bundled education available to new or ambitious colleagues who want to expand their horizons.

  • Fill labor shortages

    Revamp colleague expertise and leverage their newly earned skills to undersupported departments instead of hiring all new resources.

  • Empower health care by elevating knowledge and competency

    Unemployed/underemployed workers are earning coding, billing, patient access, CDI, and PFS training and certifications via health care organizations using nThrive Education.

  • Make learning an any-time opportunity with Webinars On Demand

    Colleagues can access nearly 100 mobile-ready webinars on a myriad of topics — the number keeps growing!

  • Access current-topic information

    Keep colleagues in the know on up-to-the-minute industry changes. We provide webinars on specific areas like annual coding updates, and broad topics like new regulations and industry changes affecting all aspects of the revenue cycle.

  • Concierge assistance at your service

    The Concierge team helps you build your education strategy and offers personal support as challenges arise.

  • Content navigation support

    The Implementation Center is an online resource that offers guides at your fingertips 24/7 to assist with content navigation.

  • New releases and updates service

    The Client Connection informs you regularly on new content releases and updates.

  • Create content that puts you in the driver’s seat

    Reach learners more effectively with custom education development that suits your economies of scale for eLearning and tailored competency management solutions.

  • Partner with a winning team

    Gain access to a team of experts — project management, programming and instructional design teams — offering you the latest tools and technologies for engaged learning.

  • Enhance the learning experience

    Our team is passionate about developing an exceptional user interface/user experience (UI/UX) design, programming, creative design, instructional design, and overall eLearning for your organization.

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nThrive Education Revenue Cycle Enterprise PLUS, offered by our partner HealthStream, provides unlimited access to course libraries, Webinars on Demand, all tools and assessment to support quick, effective learning as your needs evolve. Single courses or limited purchases can be made on the nThrive Education Store.

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