Illuminate your blind spots

End-to-end visibility across the revenue cycle improves financial performance

Healthcare providers lacking visibility into their data can improve their bottom line with an analytics and intelligence platform that provides a holistic view, and advisors who guide the process


  • Integrates and maps the large, complex datasets from all major billing systems on a continual basis across your system into a single source of truth
  • Harnesses the full power of your data with guidance from dedicated, seasoned advisors
  • Enables visibility to isolate and define opportunities and interventions for your staff; easy-to-use dashboards help quickly identify trends and root cause
  • Gives clear visibility into key metrics to measure performance across the front, middle and back of your revenue cycle; also provides visibility into transaction-level details
  • Improves productivity and decision-making with single source monitoring

Client success

Improved collections 9.7%, or $12M, in 12 months

Reduced Pre-AR/DNFB from $14M in work queues to $5.5M

Reduced reporting costs 15-20%

Hospital employed practice losses in excess of $200,000 per physician are not uncommon.

Medical Group Management Association

Lack of standardization making it difficult to consolidate, aggregate and monitor data?

Find out how a Major Midwestern healthcare system standardizes analytics and improves physician productivity by 30%

Analytics products

Revenue Cycle Analyzer

End-to-end revenue cycle analytics and intelligence for acute and ambulatory organizations

See your revenue cycle through a fresh lens

nThrive Revenue Cycle Analyzer removes the blinders

Physician Practice Analyzer and Physician Practice Data Assessment

Analyzer tool provides comprehensive reporting and access to key productivity, physician cost, revenue cycle and practice financial data at every level of the organization. Assessment tool leverages your universe of data by aggregating your physician practice billing, payroll and financial data across all physician and physician groups throughout your system to uncover the root causes of physician practice losses.

A/R Analyzer

Provides drill down account visibility to identify process failures, drive cash flow and improve accounts receivable management

Denials Analyzer

Identifies problematic areas and fine tunes the internal processes to reduce denials, accelerate cash flow and decrease administrative inefficiencies

Integrated modules

Claims Analyzer

Contract Analyzer

Need to reduce payment variances and accurately calculate expected payments?

Discover how one provider identified $4.2M in underpayments and denials, collected $2.3M in 6 months

Collections Analyzer

Why nThrive

  • Turn-key data extraction – for rapid implementation
  • Guidance from advisors seasoned in healthcare revenue cycle management expertise and experience
  • Comprehensive, end-to-end, holistic view – acute and ambulatory revenue cycle data

See how a large medical group leveraged data analytics to decrease write-offs by 65+%

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