Centralized access to critical billing and compliance intelligence improves revenue performance

Billing, coding and compliance platform exposes billing pitfalls and errors, reduces time spent analyzing data and patterns

Healthcare providers taking a hit on their revenue performance due to inadequate coding, billing and regulatory knowledge can get the data insights they need from a cloud-based reference platform


KnowledgeSource connects facilities, providers and payors to actionable information that helps avoid revenue delays and provides data-driven insights that support accurate and reliable medical coding and billing edits

  • Takes the guesswork out of monitoring coding and edit changes
  • Stays up-to-date with regulatory and Medical Necessity change alerts
  • Leverages interactive Coding & Compliance Coach® with our clinical and compliance experts
  • Avoids payment delays by unlocking complex data and hidden edits
  • Promotes compliance, quality and mitigates denial at the root cause to avoid revenue delays
  • Improves analyses and decisions by integrating our extensive library of clinical, pricing, coding and billing content into your patient accounting and IT systems
  • Available for hospitals, health systems and physician practices and payors
  • Integrates into existing solutions; learn more at nThrive Partners

Proven success

300,000+ hospital and professional users

Thousands of Coding & Compliance Coach® interactions with our clinical and compliance experts

Millions of coding & billing requests processed each year

Struggling with complex annual and quarterly coding and billing updates?

KnowledgeSource® connects facilities, providers and payors to actionable information, taking the guesswork out of billing, coding and edit updates


KnowledgeSource add-on modules expand clinical coding and billing references

AHA Coding Clinic for ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS

Quarterly newsletter includes medical coding advice, guidelines, assignments for new technologies and newly identified diseases; a conduit for the dissemination of coding changes and/or corrections to hospitals and other parties.

AHA HCPCS Coding Clinic

Advice for proper application reporting for hospitals HCPCS level I (CPT) & level II codes, latest code assignments & bulletins of coding changes/corrections. More valuable with ICD-10 due to increased device.

AMA CPT®Assistant

A monthly newsletter with coding consulting, articles, updates and information to assist clients with claims.

AMA CPT® Changes: An Insider’s View

Helps healthcare providers stay current on annual CPT updates; organized in the same manner as the CPT codebook and provides the official AMA rationales for every added, revised and deleted CPT code and guideline.

Dr. Z’s Interactive Coding & Billing Library

An interactive collection of libraries, plus Dr. Z’s FAQ link.

Coders’ Desk Reference

CPT lay descriptions, code more accurate op reports, reimbursement and terminology, anatomical library.

Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) Desk Reference

Translates CDI to billing requirements for CPT, HCPCS and ICD-10-CM coding, and more.

DRG References

DRG Expert: Verifies DRG/ICD-10-CM concurrently, identifies CC and MCC restrictions and requirements; a companion guide to CDR and CDI Desk Reference.

DRG Desk Reference: Helps improve MS-DRG assignment via best practices, tips to help users understand how to optimize payment while staying compliant.

KnowledgeSource medical billing and coding compliance technology

Optimizes reimbursement, improves review performance, and supports charge capture and billing accuracy

“Our Revenue Integrity team uses KnowledgeSource regularly. We find the CodeCheck feature extremely valuable because we can quickly see bundling issues or if codes are components of other codes.”


Why nThrive

  • Informs point-of-care decisions
  • Decreases time spent researching denials, medical necessity, charging and billing pitfalls
  • Reduces the administrative burden of fighting waste and fraud
  • Provides more visibility into conflicting and overlapping reimbursement rules
  • Allows less time spent analyzing medical coding and billing changes, and validating charge capture
  • Technical teams are no longer burdened with content management updates
  • Reduces the cost of purchasing multiple resources

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