nThrive Education

A well-trained staff improves the patient experience, your revenue cycle and financial outcomes

3,000+ online content offerings keep professionals current

Healthcare providers struggling with knowledge gaps among revenue cycle professionals can bring them up to speed with innovative eLearning tools

nThrive Education

nThrive Education provides more than 3,000 content offerings, 400+ CEUs, certification and badge programs, and cross-training opportunities to elevate regulatory compliance, improve patient and financial outcomes

  • Provides a broad spectrum of education offerings for revenue cycle professionals as well as busy clinicians and technicians. The nThrive Store provides content for individual professionals and small groups seeking online learning
  • Incorporates adult-learning principles and generational learning, delivering online self-paced courses, traditional instructor-led education, assessments, webinars, gaming, videos and simulators
  • Offers custom education design for hospitals and healthcare organizations with specific needs
  • Enables providers to offer education programs that lead to new career paths for staffs and communities
  • Includes an exclusive concierge service that provides ongoing support to assist in planning and managing staff education

Client success

Saved up to 60% on hourly staff wages by using nThrive Education to develop their own skilled workers in-house instead of hiring externally

Decreased training from 4 to 3 days by using nThrive Education

A Midwestern short-term acute care hospital was able to eliminate contract coders after deploying nThrive education

“I had no idea how incredible the nThrive Education site really is! I had a ‘where have you been all my life?’ reaction.”


nThrive Education Offerings

Assessments and Courses

Fortify colleague skills with an entire healthcare revenue cycle education library

Certifications and Badges

Nurture top performers and help them grow

Transition Program

Fill labor shortages, grow your own workforce

Meet healthcare job shortages by building a workforce from non-traditional sources

Learn the benefits of a ‘grow-your-own’ workforce

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9 of the top 30 occupations expected to see the most growth are in healthcare

12.9M = the world’s healthcare worker shortage by 2035

Custom Education

Create content that’s ideal for your learners

Want to provide colleagues with career paths that meet KPIs and tackle retainment issues?

nThrive Education offers more than 3,000 pieces of educational content

“It allowed our folks to cross over. Once the coders got into it, they saw some things they would like to learn on the billing side for more understanding. It enhanced their education rather than the coders going to AHIMA and the finance folks to HFMA. This was a broader scope. In fact, some of the physician groups are looking at it for training.”


Reduce your staff’s cost for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) by as much as 50%

nThrive Education Revenue Cycle

Learner-centric education: helping
individuals reach their full potential

“Eight military veterans became medical coders through nThrive Education…”


Why nThrive

Groundbreaking educational programs
  • Education delivered in formats that help individuals learn best – gaming, videos, briefs, classroom and more
  • Certifications and badges that provide a future for your staff
  • Career path programs that help current colleagues, military veterans and community members transition to rewarding healthcare careers
Five-star quality content
  • Up-to-the-minute content that reflects newest industry topics
  • Education that tackles error-prone processes to get rid of problems for good
  • Custom teaching programs designed to your specifications
  • Evergreen content updated monthly

Career paths for college students

Find out how Novant Health partners with nThrive to provide coding internships

Need revenue cycle education for an individual or a small group?

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