Robotic Process Automation

Automate labor intensive processes

Get the most out of your labor spend, improve operational and financial performance

Healthcare providers using their labor spend on repetitive, manual tasks can use robotic process automation to free up limited staff resources to focus on higher value work

Robotic Process Automation

  • Uses software robots or “bots” to automate processes that replicate the actions of a human worker interacting with one or more systems’ user interfaces, improving productivity and efficiencies
  • Achieves lasting results by addressing root cause, and prioritizes around the highest opportunities within your revenue cycle
  • Identifies, assesses and optimizes processes that are capable of being partially or completely automated
  • Offers a price-per-bot scalable approach, enabling organizations to try the solution first without a costly long-term contract

Proven success

Early adopters of RPA are reducing labor costs by 30% or more

Some organizations have increased their team capacity from 35% to 200% with RPA*

*Becker’s Hospital CFO Report

Work smarter and faster

See how nThrive’s Robotic Process
Automation can improve operational and
financial performance

Scalable for small and large hospital success

Time to work an XX7 claim looking for an ICN/DCN
From 3 minutes, 14 seconds on average for a biller, down to 16.7 seconds on average for a bot

Using XX7 claim type bot
Average labor savings: 2.5-4 FTEs / ROI: 365-583%

Using Medicare and Medicaid eligibility scrub bot
Average labor savings: 1.8-3 FTEs / ROI: 263-428%

Late charge management bot
Average labor savings: 1.2-2.75 FTEs / ROI: 175-401%

Why nThrive

  • Revenue Cycle Management experience with exclusive focus on healthcare
  • Assessment to identify and optimize process prior to bot deployment
  • Limited risk and investment with “price-per-bot” approach
  • EHR platform agnostic for automation in any health system

Did you know many hospital and healthcare organizations have increased their team capacity from 35% to 200%*?

See ‘Leverage Robotic Process Automation to automate billing edits and work denials’

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