Unmatched information that increases billing, coding, compliance awareness, supports payment integrity, and maximizes reimbursement.

Today's reimbursement challenges and ever-changing regulatory requirements make it difficult for providers to "get it right" the first time. To manage increased coding and billing requirements, and identify missed revenue opportunities providers must be able to easily uncover the right information to resolve these points. Comprised of extensive algorithms and data engines, KnowledgeSource facilitates more accurate coding and billing results that increase clean claim rates, reduce denials and promote accuracy. The management and protection of payment integrity is simplified with our single source solution, the unique perspective of our team of coding and billing experts, and the breadth of our content. In addition, peer hospital pricing data provides valuable information to inform strategic pricing decisions.

Empower your staff with centralized access to critical billing and compliance intelligence and billing regulatory content across facilities, departments and specialties with nThrive's web-based application — KnowledgeSource that:

  • Takes the guesswork out of monitoring coding and edit changes
  • Stays up-to-date with regulatory and Medical Necessity change alerts
  • Leverages interactive Coding & Compliance Coach® with our clinical and compliance experts
  • Avoids payment delays by unlocking complex data and hidden edits
  • Promotes compliance, quality and mitigate denial at the root cause to avoid revenue delays
  • Improves analyses and decisions by integrating our extensive library of clinical, pricing, coding and billing content into your patient accounting and IT systems

Why Providers Choose KnowledgeSource and KnowledgeSource Professional

  • Informs point-of-care decisions
  • Decreases time spent researching denials, medical necessity, charging, and billing pitfalls
  • Reduces the administrative burden of fighting waste and fraud
  • Provides more visibility into conflicting and overlapping reimbursement rules
  • Allows less time spent analyzing coding and billing changes, and validating charge capture
  • Technical teams are no longer burdened with content management updates
  • Reduces the cost of purchases of multiple resources

Connect the Dots Among Regulations, Coding and Billing Requirements

Since our founding, we've challenged the status quo to improve the quality and effectiveness of health care. Grounded in passion, proven industry expertise and data-based insights, nThrive helps support over 300,000 users with their financial performance and operational goals using our data-driven methodologies, broad solution offerings and expert insights.

KnowledgeSource users can optimize results, reduce cost of books/references, uncover hidden clinical guidelines and eliminate rework today with these high-value add-on modules:

AHA Coding Clinic for ICD-10 CM and ICD-10 PCS

Quarterly newsletter includes coding advice, guidelines, assignments for new technologies and newly identified diseases; A conduit for the dissemination of coding changes and/or corrections to hospitals and other parties

AHA HCPCS Coding Clinic

Advice for proper application reporting for hospitals HCPCS level I (CPT) & level II codes, latest code assignments & Bulletins of coding changes / corrections. More valuable with ICD-10 due to increased device.

AMA CPT® Assistant

A monthly newsletter with coding consulting, articles, updates, and information to assist clients with claims.

AMA CPT® Changes: An Insider’s View

Helps health care providers stay current on annual CPT updates; Organized in the same manner as the CPT codebook and provides the official AMA rationales for every added, revised and deleted CPT code and guideline.

Dr. Z’s Interactive Coding & Billing Library

An interactive collection of libraries, plus Dr. Z’s FAQ link.

Optum Library Content


  • UB Editor
  • DRG Expert & Desk Reference
  • Coders Desk References
  • Clinical Documentation Integrity (CDI)

For Business Partners

Learn How KnowledgeSource Can Enhance Your Billing, Coding & Compliance Needs
Through Our Business-to-Business Integration

Application-to-application communication has presented challenges for businesses to maintain operational efficiency. Whether you are looking for APIs, web services and/or data files, our solutions support business needs such as verification, claim editing capabilities, data normalization, content management, or clinical/financial integrations to enhance your business. Our solutions are also designed for organizations looking to integrate one or more of these functions into their internal systems via an industry-standard method of interoperability between software applications running on a variety of platforms and frameworks. Solutions include:

  • APIs
  • Web Services
  • Mastered Content Database
  • Clinical Integration Services
  • Data Files (Proprietary and Standard)

Learn more about nThrive Partner Solutions at www.nthrive.com/partners >

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