Charge Capture Audit

Capture every charge, catch every error

Audit technology maximizes reimbursements and improves clean claim rates by identifying missing revenue and compliance issues — pre-bill

Healthcare providers fraught with billing overcharges, compliance issues and revenue loss from missed charges and medical coding errors need an audit technology that scrubs bills before they reach the patient

Charge Capture Audit

Charge Capture Audit conducts a 100% review of all patient-itemized bills to identify missing charges, overcharges and coding errors

  • Leverages 12,000+ rules derived from clinical practices to increase net revenue and identify millions in missed charges
  • Increases accounts receivable and avoids A/R delays with workflow processes that route exceptions to the right professional for pre-bill resolution
  • Ensures timely compliance on changing regulations through specialized content, resources and daily rule updates from nThrive KnowledgeSource® integration
  • Provides reporting and analytics on potential missed charges for tracking and root cause evaluation
  • Identifies net revenue impact of missing charges through integration with nThrive Contract Management
  • Enables customized prioritized workflows and rules

Client success

Non-profit health system in North Texas using Epic:
  • Identifies $10M in missing and overcharges in first five years
Large Southern health system:
  • Realizes $16.3 in net financial improvement

Key features

12,000+ clinical rules
100% review of all patient-itemized bills

Margins eroding due to revenue leakage?

Learn how a non-profit health system in North Texas identified $10M in missing charges with nThrive

Why nThrive

  • nThrive Charge Capture Audit has helped clients improve financial performance for 15+ years in more than 300 hospitals
  • Applies 12,000+ clinical rules and nThrive chargemaster’s 400,000+ line items

Large Southern health system realizes $16.3 million in net financial improvements

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