Chargemaster Technology

Charge integrity throughout your system

An accurate and compliant source of truth generates correct charges and defensible pricing

Constantly changing charge items and regulations mean healthcare providers need a chargemaster that is complete, compliant, defensible and mitigates inaccurate charging

Chargemaster Technology

nThrive chargemaster technology is the heartbeat of a healthy revenue cycle, a complete cloud-based platform that provides benchmark pricing for 400,000+ line items
  • Offers pricing management and defensibility
  • Generates charge consistency and compliance throughout your system
  • Prevents revenue loss by identifying invalid CPT/HCPCS codes
  • Facilitates better decision making with improved data visibility
  • Reduces errors by automating redundant manual processes
  • Helps identify and eliminate variance with intuitive user interface
  • Integrates with leading patient accounting systems, eliminating dual system maintenance
  • Integrates with nThrive coding, billing, reimbursement and regulatory content

Avoid denial risks

Introducing CDM Management, our new cloud-based solution for modern EHRs


Key features

Provides benchmark pricing for 400,000+ line items
Analyzes 100% of your CDM for compliance changes and makes recommendations for updates

Why nThrive

  • High availability and reliable performance with our vast chargemaster expertise on any modern platform
  • Leverages more than 30 years of market-leading revenue cycle management solutions and expertise
  • Taps in-house clinical expertise to understand new coding changes, including interpretation and suggested actions for compliance

"We now have one chargemaster maintaining the same price for all campuses in one file."

Corporate Director, Revenue Integrity

Say yes to chargemaster success

nThrive chargemaster technology is the source of truth for your entire health system

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