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Coding Services

Accurate and efficient medical coding is crucial to your health care organization’s ability to meet financial and compliance goals. With a comprehensive range of proven medical coding services, nThrive delivers outstanding quality and accuracy. Supported by credentialed colleagues who receive ongoing coding training, our team of experts at nThrive are recognized throughout the health care industry for providing medical organizations with consistent medical coding results.

nThrive offers coding staff, services, strategic sourcing and education solutions to raise the performance level of your medical coding organization and deliver outstanding quality and accuracy. Many nThrive medical coding clients experience coding accuracy percentages in the high 90% range. 

nThrive Coding Services:

  • Provide integrated solutions and expert services that comprise our innovative approach
  • Enhance collaboration between medical coders, CDI specialists and physicians
  • Improve A/R days and cash flow
  • Reduce lost reimbursements, medical coding backlogs and noncompliance risk
  • Conduct rigorous recruitment exams, credentialing requirements, reference and background checks required for employment

nThrive delivers high quality and highly secure, global 24/7 medical coding services through our global center of excellence. 

Coding Services

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Medical Coding Audits

nThrive medical coding audits reveal issues that may be undermining a health care organization’s medical coding and documentation. Our proven medical coding audits help health care organizations stand up to the increased scrutiny on accurate reporting and reimbursement, minimizing exposure risk and possible consequences. A consistent cadence of medical coding audits from nThrive provides the early detection that boosts compliance and effectiveness while building long-term revenue cycle success. 

nThrive medical coding audits provide a variety of chart selection methodologies that provide the most complete compliance development, detection, and maintenance. 

The industry-leading medical coding audits by nThrive empower health care organizations to:

  • Mitigate risk – ensure medical coder compliance to regulatory requirements
  • Repair errors – conduct root cause analysis to produce solutions that are continuously monitored
  • Improve growth and reputation through enriched hospital and physician profiling/ scorecard data
  • Practice cohesive audit process, short term or recurring, to identify risk areas and offer focused recommendations
  • Improve hospital and physician profiling and scorecard data to position hospital for growth and improve external reputation

Prevent payor denials and ensure compliance with Medical Coding and Coding Audit Services from nThrive. Contact us today at or fill out the form below to learn more.

Coding Audits

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