CarePricer® and CarePricer Payment Estimator

Better informed patients are better payers

Accurate estimates create a better patient experience while accelerating cash collection, preventing bad debt and reducing downstream cost-to-collect

Patients are more likely to pay some or all of their out-of-pocket costs upfront when they are confident their estimate is accurate and are presented with payment options in advance 


CarePricer delivers the information you need to educate patients on their financial liability prior to service, increasing the likelihood of upfront payment 
  • Produces estimates within 90% of the final bill, ensuring price transparency compliance  
  • Enables staff to discuss options to collect shared costs, encouraging upfront payment for healthcare services
  • Improves forecasting across the revenue cycle, facilitating better budget management 
  • Reduces manual or partially automated estimates, increasing staff productivity

CarePricer Payment Estimator

CarePricer Payment Estimator empowers patients to generate an online estimate at their convenience, giving them time to plan for financial liability 
  • Leverages CarePricer technology to create accurate estimates so patients understand their financial liability prior to receiving healthcare services 
  • Provides patients with information they need to make knowledgeable healthcare decisions
  • Embeds in the provider’s website and applies provider branding to generate a patient-friendly experience and estimate 
  • Enables providers to create estimates only on services desired by the patient

Large Midwestern health system increased point-of-service collections by $6.1M

Southwest medical center achieved estimate accuracy within 98% of final bill, increasing point-of-service collections 7x

Declining POS collections?

PIH Health Good Samaritan Hospital achieves 4,500% increase in monthly POS collections

Why nThrive

  • Consistently accurate estimates within 90% of the final bill
  • One of the only price transparency platforms in the healthcare industry that can combine both hospital and physician charges on one estimate
  • Ensures your facility complies with current and future price transparency requirements 
  • Integrates seamlessly with existing patient accounting systems, as well as the nThrive Patient Access Technology Suite 

Need accurate estimating that empowers providers and patients?

CarePricer technology offers a holistic estimating solution

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