Propensity to Pay

 Knowing a patient’s ability to pay helps tailor the best payment method

Accelerate cash collections and prevent bad debt with personalized payment planning

Healthcare providers challenged by an increase in self-pay, bad debt and charity care write-offs can determine a patient’s financial condition and the probability of receiving financial aid in real time

Propensity to Pay

Propensity to Pay brings together credit history, household income, estimated household size, debt-to-income ratio, percent of federal poverty level and residual income for each patient in a consistent, systematic way
  • Enables staff to quickly screen greater numbers of low-income patients for charity coverage
  • Provides staff with healthcare scoring and on-screen messages to identify the most appropriate financial path for each patient
  • Uses a personalized approach to improve patient satisfaction and the probability of full resolution

Client success

Valleywise Health utilizes Propensity to Pay technology

 Screened greater numbers of low-income patients for charity
coverage, resulting in dramatic staff productivity increase and
improved patient satisfaction

“As a safety net provider, we knew that better financial counseling was one of the best ways to help reduce bad debt. Our processes were cumbersome and in need of streamlining. We needed an automated, standardized source of truth.


Why nThrive

  • Comprehensive scoring to identify appropriate financial path including: patient’s capacity to pay, healthcare recovery score, and recovery score
  • Full integration with nThrive Patient Access platform and EHR to improve efficiency and staff productivity

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